Party Checklist

Groove Essential’s goal is to anticipate and satisfy any specific needs for your special occasion. Therefore, we've compiled a party checklist to help you in your planning. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at

We want your event to be better than you ever dreamed, and we want you to spend your money wisely and give you piece of mind! The most important thing to remember is that your Entertainment Consultant and bandleader Rhonda Baker will always be there to guide you smoothly through unfamiliar territory. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do Not settle for less than you want. The average customer only buys a band once or twice in their life time. Be sure you have exactly what you want as the entertainment can make or break your event.

Prioritize Your Entertainment Budget: If the entertainment is the most important or the least important element of your event, spend accordingly. Clients often say, "As long as there is a great band and plenty to drink, it will be a great party”!

Understand Your Goals: Whether you are doing a new product rollout or trying to entertain a wide variety of guests at a reception or fundraiser, convey your message to your event planner or entertainment consultant. Groove Essential will gladly modify their show and songlist to suit your needs.

Lay out Your Event Properly: The importance of properly locating the stage, dance floor, bars, buffets, tables, etc., cannot be overstated. For example, if the band is in one room and the mixed beverages are in another, you will hinder the success of your party.

Know how You want Your Event to Flow: This is about the timeline of your event. Do you need a trio to play during dinner, Groove Essential can gladly supply that? Do you want strings to perform outside as the guests arrive, Groove Essential routinely works with string ensembles and  can supply contact names or book the strings as part of our package. Do you want the band to play a two or three set show, we can customize our show to fit your needs. If you’re not an experienced party planner, doing the timeline can be tricky and is often crucial to the success of your event. Rhonda will work with you or your planner months in advance to insure a smooth flow.

Song Selection: With enough advance notice, the band will be glad to learn special songs for your event, and if you have a preference for one or more styles of music, the band can design the show in that direction. The band will also gladly not play anything you do not like. The band is always adding songs, so be sure to ask if you do not see what your want.
Stay in touch! No detail is too small for a successful event. The better the communication before the event, the happier everyone will be after the event. Asking to speak to the band leader even before you sign your contract may help you make the right decision.

Prepare to Party! Now that everything has been carefully planned, and you have surrounded yourself with experienced professionals who are adept at flexing with the unforeseen.