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Technical Needs...

During our professional career, the two questions most often asked by clients are, “What size should the stage be?”, and,  “What are the band’s electrical requirements?” Therefore, we have included the following helpful guidelines: 

Stage Size: Unless there are special circumstances, the stage depth should not exceed 12 feet from front to back.
To calculate the width, multiply 4 ft. per person, i.e., a 3-piece band should have a 12×12 area, a 5 piece band 12×20, etc...

Outdoor performances require that the stage be covered to protect instruments and the sound system from sun, heat, rain, and condensation.  This includes side coverings.  To ensure the safety of the performers and guests, a band should not perform outdoors under adverse weather conditions.  
The stage should be ready for a sound check 3 hours before set-up time

Electrical: Eighty amps (4 twenty amp circuits) of clean 110 volt AC power should be dedicated to the band for sound equipment and lighting. 
The power must be accessible through three or more grounded AC outlets within ten feet of the stage.

Please contact our stage manager, Greg Baker at gcbake@aol.com or call 317-408-8352 for questions or concerns

Printable Technical Needs Rider

Printable Plot and Input List